Stop the world, I want to get off

You’d need to have spent the last few weeks under an incredibly large rock to not know that it’s been fairly hectic, news wise. I’ve thought a few times about blogging; something has gone past, I’ve thought ‘ah, that makes me feel X/Y/Z, there’s a blog in that. I’ll do that at the weekend’, and by the time the weekend has come that thing is 20 things ago. I’ve come to the conclusion that probably I need to ignore prompts from the news for a while. Twitter is my place for going on and finding myself screaming into the void at the latest thing that has broken there before hitting mainstream news, then finding the jokes or positive actions or whatever that can be taken from it – if indeed there are any. I don’t think I need to bring that bit of me over here as well.

I think to keep myself motivated on here instead of howling into the void, I’m going to spend a bit of time focusing on things I really like. There’s enough negativity in my online space at the moment, without me adding too much more. Of course, if the sky actually falls in, I may mention it. But I need to get back into the routine of doing this as I do enjoy it, and I think maybe staying with the slightly more positive and fluffy side of things may be the best way to ease me back in. Having an incompetent in Number 10 and a lunatic in the White House isn’t going to be changed one iota by the blog ramblings of a British girl with a handful of followers. But if I talk about a book I like and in 6 months somebody stumbles across my post and decides to give it a try and it becomes one of their favourites too, that’s actually had a little positive impact on somebody else.

So new regime starts now. Unless of course, it turns out that ranting about the news on little followed blogs is the one method with the power to remove Piers Morgan out of public life for ever; in which case I shall merrily put my hand to the wheel.


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