On radio silence…

Wow. It’s fair to say it’s been a while.

I’ve thought about blogging loads over the last few months. I mean not constantly, clearly, or something might have actually happened. But at least once a week had those ‘oh, blog is the right place to explore that thought’ moments. I’ve also known since about May why none of those moments have actually turned into blogs but not been able to do anything about it.

April, May, June this year for somebody who is fairly politically engaged, was the build up to the ‘Brexit’ vote. Normally politically I’ve found it quite easy to write something about what is going on, or my thoughts on a political issue. This time I found it really hard because it was first time in my life that it felt like a really, really important decision was being made and I had a genuine fear of the wrong thing being chosen. Add into that mix some of the far right activity in the run up to the referendum and for the first time in my experience I was frightened of what could happen next, politically. Writing that down was both hard because what I felt was the right thing was a gut instinct, not necessarily something I could support with a truly coherent argument, and also because I had friends whose guts were sending them to the other side of the argument.

Going away to a valley with no 3G let alone 4 and switching off the TV was the absolute right thing to do in response to the result (needless to say, it wasn’t the one I wanted). The holiday was booked anyway, but going and tramping about some glacially formed mountains at least helped to develop a bit more of a ‘come on, this too shall pass’ attitude. Since then the world has gone bonkers (we may have got a Brexit situation, but other poor buggers have a Trump…). I have again not blogged because I’ve struggled to find anything more coherent to say than ‘help, I’m a bit scared!’, and so everything I need to say has been written far better by other people.

But the fact I keep thinking about it, and have been thinking about this post for weeks, means it is a habit that a bit of me wants to get back into. So with darker evenings I’m going to get more active. Publishing that, even to a non-existent audience, at least hopefully means that my conscience will hold me to it. So maybe it won’t be another eight months…



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