I don’t think I’m doing this properly…


I just found a button I hadn’t found before. There are 5 colours available to chart one’s productivity and general blogging output. A veritable rainbow, to help you track the nuances of your output – do you only blog four times a day at weekends? Are Mondays always a day where you only manage one? Did you produce fewer posts mid month?

Or do you produce none, daily; and one, occasionally?

If I’m going to keep dragging out this ‘exercising my writing muscles, a bit like going the gym’ analogy I am probably due the writing equivalent of a massive heart attack slumped over an exercise bike on my first attempt at a work out in 6 weeks. I feel sure WordPress will have a handy stats graphic for recording my death however, so that’s alright.


Hypocrisy? Oh I’m good at that!

Having been generally against the banning of something, I now find myself broadly in favour of keeping the ban in place.

(I’ll leave that there all on it’s own as I think that’s a good moment for anybody who can’t handle people changing their mind on simple issues to quietly leave and go off to read something that will annoy them less. If you all leave now, we won’t hear the door banging at the end of every paragraph…)

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