An interesting video to share, with a short ‘pre-Ramble’

The difficult thing about writing about something you merely care about, rather than really being an expert on, is that you can look like a complete idiot. Aside from this, if it is something that other people have way more direct experience of you can really cause offence. So writing about equality seems like a brilliant idea.

For fear of losing my few followers, I’ll keep it short! Continue reading


Terrible neglect…

There’s a special kind of sadness about a neglected thing on the internet. The hours and enthusiasm that have obviously gone into crafting the lovely website, which you then realise was last updated in 2011; the beauty of a ‘latest news’ page when the latest news is eight years old (there’s a very famous Tony Hancock piece called the Blood Donor with many often quoted lines – ‘a pint, that’s very nearly an armful’ – but the best, and seldom quoted, is when he flicks through the available magazines in the doctor’s waiting room in 1961 and says “I see Lloyd George is dead then” (to save you Googling, that happened in 1945)).

And then there are awfully, terribly, inexcusably neglected blogs. That haven’t been neglected because the writer has been on long life affirming travels, or got a different job, or been laid low after a serious pancake tossing accident; but just because the writer decided to watch a couple of box sets, and then read a book, and then it was a bit lighter in the evenings, and then there were some extra ponies to ride and well…the whole point of this blog was to stretch my writing muscles and it lasted about as long as the average New Year gym membership. Continue reading