This girl can, and does…

As far as I’m aware, this advert ¬†(Youtube link here for those abroad, or UK but under a rock¬† ) is part of the post 2012 Olympic legacy. Certainly I was made aware of it before it aired on Twitter by our best known female sports journalist, Lady Clare of Balding. Its point – if you can’t be bothered to watch it – is to encourage more women to participate in sport, and remind them that it’s okay to not look like an Olympic athlete. There has inevitably been plenty of discussion about it and women’s sport in general, and some of this has mentioned girls being switched off Physical Education/Games/whatever you want to call it at school. This has been put down to embarrassment as getting changed; getting hot and messy then having to go to other lessons etc. I think it’s a shame to think that just a bit of teenage angst about appearance is the reason, when that so completely misses a massive point. Continue reading


The CV advice I wish the colleges would give…

“So have you done practice job interviews or anything at school?” boss, ever the optimist, asked the lovely teenage girl he was about to interview today. To paraphrase her answer, ‘No, we don’t do anything useful like that. I think we should, we don’t do anything about managing bills etc’. Fortunately, it hasn’t had a negative impact on her and you could tell it wouldn’t have from her reply; she is aware that there are things that aren’t getting covered. How the kids who aren’t aware of that fare, I’m not sure. Continue reading

On fame…(with absolutely zero personal experience)

Haven’t blogged for a week or so (but have done some other writing, so either this blog is working at getting my writing muscles stretched, or I was having one of my phases – time will tell), and was thinking I must kick myself up the bum and think of something to write about when along inspiration came. Phew!

Checking Twitter this morning, a comedian I follow had posted very late last night something along the lines of “man offered to fight me for refusing a selfie with his girlfriend, otherwise brilliant night, great crowd” etc. First few replies obviously by people who felt similar to me – i.e. wow, that’s over the top, I’m sure you declined very nicely; if you did a selfie with everybody who recognised you, you’d be posing for the rest of your life and so on. And then, below those early replies, a barrage of people who thought comedian was out of order to refuse the picture. Continue reading